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The Un-Toucha-Touchables Unconventional Conventionalists

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The Un-Toucha-Touchables RHPS "CRHAPCon"
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This is the OFFICIAL discussion community for the Chicago Rocky Horror "CRHAP" Convention, also known as "The Un-Tocuha-Touchables Unconventional Convention", taking place July 27th-30th, 2006.

Anyone is free to join and participate - just keep it on topic to RHPS and the convention!

We welcome all discussion about our convention here. Top level posting is open to all LJ members. Commenting is available to everyone, even non LJ members, but a community moderator will have to unscreen any comments made here anonymously (i.e. any comments made without being logged into a LiveJournal username).

We encourage general discussion and anything you think will be of interest to all of our attendees, but if you have a specific issue or problem, you may wish to contact us directly instead. The contact e-mail addresses for the convention are
UTTConRegistration @ yahoo.com for Registration & Payments
UTTConPerformance @ yahoo.com for all performance applications and questions (Rocky, Shocky, Clue, Vaudeville and Preshows)
UTTConInformation @ yahoo.com for everything else
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