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Personalized Convention Badges

Alright everyone, here’s the deal on the personalized badges we’re offering for the con. This is open to everyone that registers AND submits their info before July 5th - This is a hard deadline date for these as we're not going to have time to do 50 of these the week before the convention.

Here’s what you have to do to get yours.

You have to send us
1. the picture that you want to use for the badge, and
2. the name you want used on the badge EXACTLY as you want it to appear, and
3. your CHRAPCon ID number

email to UTTConRegistration @

That’s it.

If you want to send us this through the con postal mail P.O. box too, that’s okay as well, but the same deadline still applies for us to RECEIVE it.

Please also note that your ID number will be on your con badge regardless of whatever name/picture you select to put on there, so the con planners/committee/staff will ALWAYS know who you actually are.

The fine print – you probably need to read the rest of this only if you plan to do something weird on your badge, or you need further details

Now, we have minimal restrictions and requirements to these badges, but there are some.

Pictures – we can work with just about any picture file size or type, just remember though that smaller ones WILL pixelize (get all blocky) if they’re too small. Cast logos are acceptable for your picture too if you are a member of that cast, as are pictures of your cat, your car, and just about anything. We suggest that you send us at least a 200x200 pixel image.

Name - Put the EXACT NAME you want on the badge. This will be caps sensitive too, so if you give your name as “aShTOn”, that’s exactly how it’ll appear on the badge – we don’t really have any hard character number length restrictions, but that said too, anything longer than about 20-25 characters will probably be too long.

Picture/Name restrictions.
We WILL allow potentially offensive names or pictures on the badges (e.g., if you want a nude photo, or to call yourself “Fucking Asshole”, go ahead), HOWEVER, since we don’t want to offend the general public at the hotel and elsewhere or get our event in hot water, we WILL block/censor them with stickers that you will be required to keep on the badge for the duration of the con – after the con, you’re free to remove them and do whatever you want to with it.

You CAN use any name/picture you want to on the badge EXCEPT that of a Rocky Horror personality that's not you, be it pro/amateur/otherwise - actor/tech/shadowcast/audience/on-line member . Obviously, we don’t have any real way to check everything, BUT if we are informed after the fact that you have used someone else’s name or picture on the badge that is known in/to the Rocky community, you’ll have your badge confiscated and replaced with a regular generic one. e.g. Call yourself Jennifer Aniston and/or put a picture of her on your badge if you wish, but you can’t call yourself Richard O’Brien and/or put a pic of him on your badge. Nor could you call yourself “Brady Ferguson” a/o put a picture of him on a badge – that won’t fly either. This also includes on line user names or e-mail names – if you want to put allah_sulu or MIBecky on your badge, you better be the one that is well known to the Rocky community under those names. This also includes names of certain people that have been a pain in the collective ass of the Rocky community as well (no stalkers, nutjumps, morons, etc.) - no to all of that too.

Ultimate final approval of any badge is left up to the whims and discretions of the con planners and committee.

Please know too, since this is a totally optional bonus perk , we’re NOT going to chase you down for any of this info – if you don’t submit it, you don’t get a personalized badge, even if you requested one. Plain and simple.

go to it people...
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