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jefF - Crazy Man with a Snake - ON A PLANE!

Winner, Web site updates, etc.

I forgot to mention it yesterday, but the winner of our early registration 4 day convention free ticket giveaway is Michael Farber. The drawing, done by one of our virgins, took place last Saturday night at the regular Midnight Madness show with several of the Milwaukee cast members also in attendance.

BTW too, we haven’t forgotten about con performance applications. They are actually complete and are just awaiting a final review / spot check by our casting committee to make sure we haven’t missed anything or did something stupid like put the wrong e-mail address on the apps (not like we’d ever do that ;-). There will be a web site update coming this evening or tomorrow and performance application requests will be finally be fully open for Rocky / Shocky / Pre Shows and Vaudeville acts.

We will also be posting the procedure tomorrow on this community for all of you to get your personalized convention badges as well, so keep an eye out for that.
Tags: badges, drawing, performance, registration

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