jefF - Crazy Man with a Snake - ON A PLANE! (midnightmadness) wrote in uttconvention,
jefF - Crazy Man with a Snake - ON A PLANE!

Misc. video from the con

Well, even though it doesn’t look like the pics I have from our con will make it up today, I can still give you all a little bit - here are some miscellaneous video clips from the con. These are all courtesy of George d_beaver from Midnight Madness.

Most all in .avi format. Please do note the file sizes as a couple of these are quite large. I highly recommend you right click on them and save the files to your own comps to watch, as that might go better/easier/faster, especially if you’re not on broadband.

Shawn and Ed, doing what they do best before Friday night Rocky


The Brads do "The Madison" for the costume challenge


Sock Puppet Thriller (unfortunately, you can’t really hear Thriller itself that well, but it’s entertaining nonetheless)


The Eddie Swarm (really nice and worth the download)

34MB !

The Midnight Madness kick line (Saturday Rocky Horror)

30MB !

“The Con Suite” (in mpg format – a little video montage of still pics showing members of MM in action during the con. A lot of little “cameos” by others. Mostly of interest of MM/CRHAP members, but the rest of you might enjoy it)

30MB !

I have some more videos I’ll put up with the picture updates. Right now this is con community/friends only. I’m not sure how well my server will handle a lot of concurrent video downloads, so I’m trying to spread out the downloading a bit.
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