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For posterity-- the UTT Con Costume Contest Winners List

I have included the challenge and prize associated with each character as well. Please comment if I left anything or anyone out or made any mistakes, and as previously mentioned, post pictures of your prizes so EVERYONE can admire them!

UTT Costume Contest Committee

Screen Accurate Winners, Challenges and Prizes

Winner: Erich, Transylvanian Nipple Productions
Challenge: Charades (since Rocky can't talk).
Prize: black satin pillow with gold "R" applique, based on the one in Frank and Rocky's bedchamber.

Winner: Joanna, Sensual Daydreams
Challenge: Each Janet had to dig through a bowl of Hershey's miniatures, pick out ONLY the plain chocolate, unwrap as many as possible,
and dump them in a bucket in 60 seconds-- and if any contestant knocked the chocolates out of the bowl, she would be disqualified.
(There was some Willy Wonka AP during this one.)
Prize: reversible bag-- one side is pink fabric with a Sweet T Janet photo, a little pink gingham collar, and the
word "JANET" stenciled in white; inside out is black satin with a floorshow Janet photo, sequin trimmings, and "SLUT" stenciled
in red drippy letters.

Winner: Bill, Midnight Insanity
Challenge: A few Brads came up onstage from the audience for the challenge even though they didn't compete in the contest.
We played a recording of "The Madison" and the Brads had to dance the Madison dance (and if they didn't know it, they had to fake it.)
Prize: Hand-painted white ceramic mug with black spots, based on the one Brad uses during dinner.

Winner: Sara, NYC (she helped her Crim hand-puppet win)
Crim Challenge: Pin the (paper) ascot on the Crim (printed photo of Charles Gray from James Bond).
Crim Prize: Ken doll decorated like Crim with a tiny little ascot and everything.

Winner: Jared, Sensual Daydreams
Challenge: Hold your "Medusa" pose for 60 seconds while people from the audience try to make you laugh/drop things/break character.
Prize: Bustier-shaped nightlight lamp wearing a floorshow corset.

Winner: Patti, NYC
Challenge: Feather duster target practice.
Prize: Silver flask w/black lighting bolt symbol.

Winner: Dana, NYC
Challenge: Bozo-bucket-style sponge toss ("You're like a sponge, you take take take!")
Prize: Columbia jack-in-the-box.

Winner: Kim, Simply His Servants
Challenge: We gave the contestants some plastic hot dogs and buns, different colors of Play Doh, and a list of suggested toppings to make
a Chicago-style hot dog (frankfurter)- some were correct and some were wrong. They had to pick the right toppings, mold them out of Play Doh,
stick them to the hot dogs, and explain their ingredient choices to the audience.
Prize: Sweet Transvestite Brand "Oh Honey" Bear decorated like Frank.

Winner: Scott, NYC
Challenge: "Hot Patootie" kazoo solos.
Prize: An "Eddie's Teddy" bear with leather Eddie-style jacket.

Winner: Jerry, Sensual Daydreams
Challenge: Since Riff only has one spat, Riffs were required to craft another one out of paper, staples, tape, crayons, and string.
Prize: Hinged coffin-clock watch with skeleton inside.

Winner: Nicole, NYC
Challenge: Trivia questions about outer space (the light year one was worded incorrectly, sorry!)
Prize: Banana space gun with laser pointer.

Dr. Scott
Winner: Sherri, Samurai Electricians
Challenge: Writing a letter in response to Eddie's note, in red marker. Extra points for rhyming.
Prize: Pen/Pen case with "Everett Von Scott" engraved on it.

Creative Winners and Prizes (the audience voted on these, using ballots)

Winner: Katie, Los Bastardos
Prize: framed copy of "Songs to Strip By" record.

Creative Rocky-related
Winner: Mary, Simply His Servants, as Pirate Space Magenta
Prize: Box decoupaged with mini-posters of most of the movies mentioned in "Science Fiction Double Feature."

Creative General
Winner: Joanna, Sensual Daydreams, as Rainbow Brite
Prize: camouflauge shirt with "Gen. Creative" written on the name area.

And some miscellaneous stuff--

The prize for Best Transylvanian was going to be a hand-painted mini ceramic gnome based on the English Garden gnomes in
the ballroom during Time Warp, but no one entered, so I get to keep it. Ha!

And in case you were wondering, the proper toppings for a Chicago-style hot dog are:
-Chopped onions
-Chopped tomatoes
-Dill Pickle
-Celery salt
-Hot peppers (also called sport peppers)

This should be on a kosher 100% Vienna beef hot dog and a poppy seed bun, and should never, ever, EVER contain ketchup.
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