cjfringe (cjfringe) wrote in uttconvention,

UTTcon was a success in my book

I've had this entry open for two days and I still haven't quite had the ability to put into words everything about the con.

The con was fantastic! It was a lot of fun, and something I definitely want to do again.

Best part:
Meeting so many great people from other casts! You all rock!

Not screwing up too badly in Clue or Shocky.
Meeting Yasmin
Seeing Dead At The Box Office finally
Just being able to be myself
Kung Fu night. Not quite what I was expecting, but loads of fun.
Seeing the Eddie line. Hehe.

Worst part:
Forgetting my camera so much.
Not getting enough sleep

As for the last, I still haven't quite recovered. I fell asleep on the couch one night, and completely thrown off my sleep cycle. Add to that that I have tons to do at work AND I need to get shit done for GenCon in a week, and it looks like I won't get a decent night's sleep until the 14 or so. Bleah.

But thanks to everyone for making my first Rocky con a great one! Feel free to friend me.
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