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My First Rocky con ^-^

Ello!! I dunno if neone remembers me lol but I was the blonde from Losbastardos. I had had had to say this > I had more fun than a barrel of naked horney College boys watching their Local Cheerleaders strip during a half time presentation at their biggest hometown game while tottaly wasted! in other words.. it was very aweosme times and I'm so glad I got to make it. It was tottaly worth slaving away at Pizza hut all summer for! It made my first trip to Chicago and My first Rocky con a tottal Blast! I loved our hotel room (you could fit like 4 people in the bathtub, no kidding!!! .....not like I tried or nething >.>).

I stayed up WAY to late every night (eeeee new rocky people! it made my heart smile!), I played duck duck goose with myself! Got to play with a fairy wand, I loved meeting Nurse Jenny and Officer Joy (you'da had to have been in the room at the time and or a Pokemon fan)I loved the Trixie Prize, I felt so speical *loves* and showed it to my mommy and daddy! Daddy was proud (as he always is) and mommy said it reminded her of how much she hates rocky (as is the tradition of my doing it every weekend LOL) and it reminded them how much they hate that I went to that convention of "Wierd Sexually explicit People" (eee I do so love wierd Sexually explicit people!). Go RHPS!! I met way more people than i can list off off the top of my head x.x

I had so much fun looking at everyone else's Costumes and presentations. I loved it that there were events going on the whole time. The theater for Both Rocky Showings was really big and pretty. Kung Fu nite was a blast! So was the big show ^ ^ I love watching other rocky shows from around the way cause there are so many elements I saw and call lines and things I heard that I had never heard or seen before. So that made it alot alot more fun in my opionion! No-Sir-ee-bob-de-doo I don't think i can personally say I have a single complaint. the con suite was great and helpful, all the cast's from everywhere were really aweosme and nice, the water was hott, and my feet didn't hurt after a weekend in heels!

Thanks So so much to everyone who put together/ran/organized CRHAP con! Toodles.

(ohhh yeeeah, Eris and JJ got pics, I sadly left my camera at home ;_; but ya'll will get to see the Bastard's Pics from Con very soon ^^!

- Katie
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