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Lots and lots of CRHAP Con photos

So yes Ron and I went and yes we had a blast!! Not gonna do a play by play because it's too much to say and many people said it already. I would like to again thank Jeff, Sarah, Emily, Chris, Dave, George, Mom Elaine, Becky, Duhan, Jenny, John D., Rebecca, Shawn and the CRHAP Con support staff (Way to many people to list but you all are great you too Aron and thanks for friending me!)

I will say a few things though. Shocky was the best I've seen!! LOVED IT!, I am so glad I got to see Clue and thought it was great! Only saw up to Godzilla in Kung fu night but loved what I saw. Larry as always you rock! Rocky on Sat was sooo much fun and thanks for letting me play I really am honored that you let this old woman still play in the sand box : ) Thank you so much to my wonderful Riff Jerry D. (thanks for the complement Jerry) Just a quick shout out to my NYC hommies you all are the coolest group of pirates evah!!! And yeah NYC rocked the con!

A few low notes the first being I am so so upset that I didn't get to see my guy Richard D. as he was not doing to well. Thankfully we did do dinner Thurs. night or I would never have seen you. The weather sucked but hay its suckin big time in NYC right now. Getting caught in the rain trying to find the hotel on Thurs. and our brand new luggage leaking inside really sucked. DAMN!! And it was all Ron's fault because had he listened to me we would NOT have walked the wrong way off the EL and made it to the hotel before the rain. Ron you suck ; ) I really really wanted to see more of Chicago but we did manage to see the big bean and a couple of nifty fountains. Oh and least we forget the Hotel for men only and the trek we made to the hotel Wacker but still I wanted to see more. Oh well! And last low note I'm gonna punch whoever brought up the bagels!! Damn you damn you to hell!!

I am very happy I got to see my Rocky friends yes the Chicago peeps but I mentioned you guys already. But also people like Art and Q (with no baby yeah wasn't it fun not draggin the kids around), Kevin and Trace (congrats again and I am very excited for you guys), Richard D., Larry and Chad (I miss you guys), Ruth and Wally, Sherri T., Anissa, Steve V. and the NYC people who you would be surprised I only see when we go out of town or the one or 2 shows I do so it was a blast hangin with you guys!

Ok on to the pictures. Click the pic to see the whole gallery!

Dead Jenny, Clue pics Dead Jenny, Clue pics

Shocky Shocky

So cute, Rocky pics So cute, Rocky pics

Everything Else Everything Else

That be all!

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