August 1st, 2006


Horse Shirt

So, the burning question that has been hottest on everyone’s mind during/after the convention – what happened to the con t-shirts?

Ultimately, in retrospect, that was the biggest problem and fiasco we ended up having (we did have bigger immediate problems and fiascos over the past month, but those ended up getting worked out and this one didn’t).

Here is the design we ended up picking for the convention shirt. behind cut, because the file is huge - about a 1/2MBCollapse )

The art for this was done by Karly, who did the art for the badges and con program cover. As many of you also saw for the close up of Frank on the program cover, this was also a very detailed piece of art.

A few weeks before the convention, we sent our artwork to our first silk screener. He loved the design, but also knew that there was no way it was going to screen well because of the detail in it. Essentially, he refused to do it and referred us to someone else.

The second one was willing to take the chance on it, but they were massively busy right now (it’s summertime, so a lot of concert T screenings are going through). She told me they (probably) could do it, but they were going to end up costing more with rush charges and shipping than we were even asking. She recommended I find a local screener, so I could at least avoid any rush shipping charges from an out of town screener.

After a little bit of research, I found one that seemed decent. He was willing to do the job and get them done before the con at a reasonable price, but he also had the same reservations about the design. Still, he said he loved the challenge and wanted to see if he could simply do it. After a few days he contacted me again and said that it did not end up coming out well, and we wouldn’t be happy with the results (I didn’t have to see them, and never did, I just took his word for it). Good news was that he wasn’t going to charge us for anything he did – bad news, there was pretty much no way at that point that we were going to have any shirts done in time for the con from anyone. At this point it was Monday the 24th, and I was so deep and buried in everything else I let it slide and didn’t even get to make the announcement about it.

So what do we plan to do?

I will be simplifying the design a bit this week (or possibly changing it completely), and I’ll also be seeing what a four color printing process might cost us (please don't send us any suggestions for screeners/printers - I got about 5 of those at the con when asked about this situation, so we'll be going to them first). Around next Monday, I’m going to announce when/how we’ll be taking orders for the shirts. Since we missed the impulse buying boat here, we’re only going to be printing what people order in the next couple of weeks and that’s IT. There will be no extras – since I want to have all loose ends from the con tied up by Labor Day, it’ll be a one shot deal and we’re out of it. Hopefully though, now that we have a little extra time to deal with it and shop around, we should be able to offer a great price on these (cost + shipping and handling, + a dollar or two – which should still all be cheaper than we were planning on charging for them at the con itself anyway). Just keep an eye out on this community, our website, and the NG, and we’ll announce it when we’re ready to go.
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