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Rocky Con on a Mutherfawkin' PLANE!

Thought I'd be jive and share my piccies too (mostly of Kung Fu nite), just

Rainbows are pretty. And there's the Field Museum.

View from the con room.
Me and Boojie chillin in the elevator (yes, I'm THAT girl).
Isn't it sad that the first thing we think of is "What an awful Riff costume. That base is way too white."
Getting a quick picture with the strikers... Who weren't happy about it. Watch the gum fall out of my mouth.
KUNG FU NITE! Daddy/Shawn beckons to Ed.
These are two of the leading male influences in my life.
Makin' some Betty/Janet cat nasty together.

Betty and Ralph drive off. Proof of being an accurate catgirl is that my rack almost fell out.
Kung Fu Brad and Hello Kitty Janet.
Time Waaarp.
Emily sees all. Y'all better recognize. 
Crim tells us.
MMM, Elyse and Emily.
Here comes Frankie....
You work it, Boy.
Boom Shika Boom.
We all know this far too well. 
Hit meh!
An accident!
Sword of Damocles sumo Rocky!
For me?
Even green monsters get action when PI's around.
Oooooo.. Tokyo...
Daddy/Shawn, Matt Kniola, Ryan the Bastard and Sarah jump for mosh.
Go, Godzirra, go!
He really had a good ti-i-ime.
My sources tell me that Rodan couldn't make it.
Rocky gets some sweet white pussy.
Columbia and mags get it started.
Frankie gets mad.
Formal dress is to be optional.
It's not hard to be the life of the party when you've got a huge felt cat head on. 
Is that a headband or a skinny tie?
You mean?..
No picnic!
Just 7 hours old.
Brad loses his boa.
Poor kitty.
Sarah proves that you can still kiss ass, even when you don't have a mouth.

God Shave the Queen.
Gene the wild and untamed thang.

I nearly shit myself as soon as I saw this.
Got a little dark, unfortunately.
Riff vs Frank
Skips away...
Stiff like a dead, electrocuted cat.
Shoulder! Of! Steel!
Speaking of dead, electrocuted cats...
Saturday night virgin line. Chico Included.
Matt Kniola does ads for Ipod nano on the school bus. Whoever heard horrible noises coming from the back of the 11 pm bus... That was our melodious voices butchering Iggy Pop.
For those of you who are unaware, Ed is now a furry.
Matt Kniola. My brother from another mother.
Daddy gets his claws into Chico. 

This is when my camera died.

Thank y'all for comin' to the con, we're all thankful for everyone who showed up. Yer fabulous humans.


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