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Oh yeah... we're still doing this thing... how about a schedule?

Well, considering that come this time next week, the majority of you reading this will be all gathered at the Congress Hotel on South Michigan Ave in Chicago (or at least on your way), this is probably a good time to announce our final schedule and agenda. Other than things we have to alter or cancel because they're out of our control, this should be it kiddies.

Convention Schedule
We are committed to trying to keep this con on schedule, but some things may run late causing scheduled events following to start late. However, no event will ever start BEFORE its scheduled time. All times are Central Daylight Time, so adjust your watches accordingly.

Thursday, July 29th, 2006
Thursday at about 3pm - Sunday at about1pm
Horse’s Head In The Bed Brutality Suite

Our “24/3” convention suite opens. Any time official con committee reps aren’t in the con room or at the Music Box for Rocky, the suite should be open for questions, inquiries, and just hanging out.

4pm - 12 midnight
On Site Registration & Check In, Horse’s Head In The Bed Brutality Suite

8pm - 12 midnight
Casual Meet and Greet Party, Hotel Lobby and Bar area

The hotel has a huge bar area and comfortable lobby perfect for socializing and schmoozing. Catch up with people you haven’t seen in months or years and make plans for the weekend now. Relax and unwind before the con shifts into high gear.

Friday, July 28th, 2006
Horse’s Head In The Bed Brutality Suite

On Site Registration & Check In
12 Noon - 4pm in Horse’s Head In The Bed Brutality Suite
4pm - 10pm in Main Convention Room

12 Noon - 12:45pm
Shock Treatment Performance Rehearsal, Main Convention Room
If you are scheduled to perform in Shock Treatment, there will be further information included with your registration check in materials.

Doors to the Main Convention Room open and general seating starts for…
2:15pm Clue, Main Convention Room

Tim Curry’s other cult film presented by the shadowcast of Midnight Madness with a few special guests from around the country. Unlike our performance last fall, this one SHOULD have all three endings.

4pm - 5pm
Break and Vendor Table & Karaoke Band setup time.

Guys & Dolls Pre Party, Outside the Main Convention Room

Our 20’s and 30’s theme gangster party. Come dressed in your early 20th century gangster garb, come dressed as a Rocky Horror gangster – heck, just come dresses in ANY costume! Grab some booze at our speakeasy (like many speakeasy’s too, it’ll be a cash bar and the ‘tender will need to know you’re legit)

5pm - 8pm
The Rocky Horror Vaudeville Show, Guys & Dolls Theme party continues, and Live Band Karaoke!
Main Convention Room

The Convention officially begins the avalanche of entertainment with many varied performances and acts, you wonder how the heck we managed to fit this much fun into three short hours. A live burlesque act or two, a few original songs, a couple of skits, and so much karaoke you’ll feel you’ve died and gone to Japan. Even if you didn’t prepare an act, or need to get up the nerve with a couple of drinks first, requests to perform in karaoke will be taken on site during the event... but don’t wait, time and slots are limited, and once you hear the Karaoke Dokies, you’ll be jumping in line soon enough!

Break time. Main Convention Room remains open.

The Shock Treatment Costume Contest, Main Convention Room

see rules for further details
Shock Treatment, Main Convention Room

See a national shadowcast of performers bring you their presentation of the Rocky Horror companion movie just weeks before it hits the store shelves in its first domestic DVD release!

Main Convention Room closes at the hotel, and everyone gets ready and makes their way by train, cab, hitching, or gym shoe express to The Music Box Theatre for…

12 Midnight
The Rocky Horror King Fu Night @ The Music Box Theatre

The Pink Invaders of Merrillville Indiana have broken out their classic presentation of Rocky Horror for this con, maybe even for the last time ever. See Rocky Horror with dubbed voice overs, music from several different Rocky Horror soundtracks and themed performer costumes. Ask anyone that has ever seen this and they’ll tell you there’s nothing like it and this is a show not to be missed.
A general non con audience will also be admitted to the theatre for a full experience complete with casual viewers and virgins!

Then, back to the hotel for a night of unofficial partying...

Saturday, July 29th, 2006
Horse’s Head In The Bed Brutality Suite

On Site Registration & Check In
10am - 12pm Horse’s Head In The Bed Brutality Suite
12pm - 2pm Main Convention Room

12 Noon
Dead At The Box Office, Main Convention Room

Since we know you’ll all probably be zombies this “early” on a con Saturday, we figured what better a chance than this to show you a home grown independently produced zombie movie! Director Shawn Stutler will also be on hand to answer and questions about it and present you with this all new cut of the film. You’ll see many CRHAP folks in this one too folks.

The Rocky Horror Trivia Challenge & Forum Discussion, Main Convention Room

A quick no holds barred cut throat trivia challenge, then performers and cast leaders from all around the US openly and freely discuss problems, ideas, and miscellaneous topics current to the Rocky Horror community. Open to all.

El Conquistador and Auction Boy, Main Convention Room

El Conquistador presents his very special auction of rare Rocky Horror memorabilia! We promise that EVERYONE is going to take away something from this one!

The Special Rocky Horror Charity Auction, Main Convention Room

A few special items are going to be auctioned and raffled off to benefit Richard O’Brien’s charity of choice, The Wallness Children’s Charity.

The “Chicago Style” Costume Challenge, Main Convention Room

All Rocky Horror Costume Contest participants will be pre registered on site Friday night and Saturday before the auctions.
All participants will first show their costumes to be graded by our judges in each category, then they will take part in a physical/mental challenge related to their character immediately after.

Categories will include best original/creative costume, best creative Rocky Horror costume (any non Sue Blane movie influenced clone), Trixie/Usherette, and standard Rocky Horror categories will be (in order): Rocky, Janet, Brad, Columbia, Magenta, Riff, Frank (incl. Frank floorshow), Crim, Dr. Scott, Eddie, Transylvanian, Floor Show (Rocky, Janet, Brad, and Columbia), Space Suits.

The audience will also get to vote in the three creative categories for “audience choice awards!” Physical “Denver Style” Awards and cast member made awards, as well as certificates, will be issued to the winners before Rocky Horror at The Music Box at midnight.

Yasmin Pettigrew, Main Convention Room

Our special con guest addresses the convention and talks about her time in Rocky Horror as well as current goings on with the new UK production of the RHS, and she shares stories, pictures and maybe even some rare Richard O’Brien home video...

The CRHAPCon All Thriller Pre Show performances, Main Convention Room

Yep, you are in the heart of Pink Invader territory when you come to Chicago, and you must pay your respects. ALL pre shows done by all attendees / casts must include a MINIMUM of 15 seconds of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The last structured con performance event to get us all warmed up and excited for Rocky Horror!

Main Convention Room Closes for the weekend.

Break / meal time, and period to prepare to head to The Music Box Theatre.

Fireworks! Outside Congress Plaza Hotel, Main Entrance

Yes, seriously, there will be fireworks right out in front of our hotel at about 9:30 as part of the annual Chicago Venetian Night lakefront celebration – right after that, we’ll be loading up the busses...

Outside Congress Plaza Hotel, Main Entrance

First Bus leaves for the Music Box Theatre
Outside Congress Plaza Hotel, Main Entrance
Second (and FINAL) bus leaves for the Music Box Theatre

- Specific information about the busses to the Music Box on Saturday will be provided at on site registration check in. These are scheduled trips on a tight timeline – please do NOT be late or you’ll be hitching a ride or taking the El to get to the theatre! We are NOT kidding – we can not hold the busses for late people as that will delay the show start for everyone at the Music Box. –

Rocky Horror performer check in
We need to have ALL scheduled performers for the show inside the theater. We will go over a few theater rules and guidelines and show you where to stow your stuff.

12 Midnight
The Rocky Horror Picture Show with The National Performance Cast @ The Music Box Theatre

The weekend comes to a climax with a showing of the movie we all know and love. A general non con audience will also be admitted to the theatre for a full experience complete with casual viewers and virgins!

Sunday July 30th, 2006
24hr - 1pm close
Horses Head In The Bed Brutality Suite

12 Noon - 3pm
The No-Picnic Picanic

In glorious Grant/Millennium Park across the street from the hotel, we’ll be having a convention sendoff party with some light complimentary food and drink, and a Kick Ball / Softball game (pending field availability).

3pm (or thereabouts)
Convention Ends :-(

See you in Tucson in October!

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