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The Un-Toucha-Touchables Unconventional Conventionalists [entries|friends|calendar]
The Un-Toucha-Touchables RHPS "CRHAPCon"

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My con pix (all two of 'em!) [29 Aug 2006|09:57pm]

Yasmin & me in the barCollapse )
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Misc. video from the con [14 Aug 2006|04:08pm]

Well, even though it doesn’t look like the pics I have from our con will make it up today, I can still give you all a little bit - here are some miscellaneous video clips from the con. These are all courtesy of George d_beaver from Midnight Madness.

Most all in .avi format. Please do note the file sizes as a couple of these are quite large. I highly recommend you right click on them and save the files to your own comps to watch, as that might go better/easier/faster, especially if you’re not on broadband.

Shawn and Ed, doing what they do best before Friday night Rocky

6MB http://www.rockyhorrorarchives.org/chicago2006/video/DSCF0449.AVI

The Brads do "The Madison" for the costume challenge

8.5MB http://www.rockyhorrorarchives.org/chicago2006/video/DSCF0937.AVI

Sock Puppet Thriller (unfortunately, you can’t really hear Thriller itself that well, but it’s entertaining nonetheless)

6MB http://www.rockyhorrorarchives.org/chicago2006/video/DSCF1066.AVI

The Eddie Swarm (really nice and worth the download)

34MB ! http://www.rockyhorrorarchives.org/chicago2006/video/DSCF1300.AVI

The Midnight Madness kick line (Saturday Rocky Horror)

30MB ! http://www.rockyhorrorarchives.org/chicago2006/video/DSCF1370.AVI

“The Con Suite” (in mpg format – a little video montage of still pics showing members of MM in action during the con. A lot of little “cameos” by others. Mostly of interest of MM/CRHAP members, but the rest of you might enjoy it)

30MB ! http://www.rockyhorrorarchives.org/chicago2006/video/consuite.mpg

I have some more videos I’ll put up with the picture updates. Right now this is con community/friends only. I’m not sure how well my server will handle a lot of concurrent video downloads, so I’m trying to spread out the downloading a bit.
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Con pics! [14 Aug 2006|11:12am]

So, due to an little bit of a hard drive failure/malfunction, I cannot post the pics/video I have from the UTT con today, however, I can point everyone in the direction of the pics from Gumbocon 2006 that happened this past weekend. I was there, as were other notables like larryv, richteaboy, vegaseddie, brad4711, and cjfringe. You can check out the pics here http://www.gumbocon.com/ (the link to the pics is at the bottom). Sal even made this one!
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Even more photos--from Mary [12 Aug 2006|08:04pm]
Mom didn't get that many because she was taping and also sitting audience left when she took TRHPS. I'll let people know how the tape turns out if there's interest.


Prizes are there as well.
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Kimmy's photos from the con [11 Aug 2006|03:40pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]


I have almost a hundred more Mom took plus prizes, but dial-up is a harsh mistress. Will try to get them up soon.

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[10 Aug 2006|12:00am]

Okay, so I finally got Google to accept the video footage of Jenny's fan-dance performance. I originally shot it sideways and then rotated it, but Google doesn't like "tall" videos, so I had to add black borders to it.


My apologies for the shaky camera work. I was sitting second row, trying to dodge heads in the front row...

It's short, but sweet ... I wish I had gotten more footage. Hopefully Karen got the whole thing on tape.
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Columbia Prizes [08 Aug 2006|02:39pm]

Here are the pics of the Columbia prize =)



- Dana
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One of my favorite con-related photos [08 Aug 2006|03:43am]

Video conference... Of The Future!

Midnight Madness videoconferences with MadManMike about ClueCollapse )
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Best Riff Raff Prizes [06 Aug 2006|09:30pm]

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[06 Aug 2006|05:33pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

My computer has been being a total bitch about letting me upload convention photos to our website's gallery.

Today I managed to outsmart it--YAY--and so here's another batch of random pics, mostly from the party, Shocky, and Kung-Fu night.


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[06 Aug 2006|04:55pm]

[ mood | :D ]

Cross-posted to UTT convention group and my personal journal. Pics are big because they deserve to be displayed with some danged detail.Collapse )

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Con Photos! [05 Aug 2006|11:03pm]

Hey everyone! I had a great time at the convention. I finally got around to uploading my photos onto the Milwaukee Rocky Horror Website.

Check out the photo gallery at Sensualdaydreams.com for The Chicago UnToucha-Touchables Convention photos.


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For posterity-- the UTT Con Costume Contest Winners List [04 Aug 2006|12:25pm]

I have included the challenge and prize associated with each character as well. Please comment if I left anything or anyone out or made any mistakes, and as previously mentioned, post pictures of your prizes so EVERYONE can admire them!

UTT Costume Contest Committee

Winners ListCollapse )
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One more critique [04 Aug 2006|10:04am]

Ok, so as far as I'm concerned, the con was wonderful and I thank everyone involved.

But I do have one bad thing to say about some of the actual con-goers.

I don't know if all of you saw this, but on some of the floors, at least in the odd numbered tower, there were rooms decorated with cheerleading things. Lots of pink and sparkles and all that stuff.

For those of you who didn't actually know: THESE WERE ACTUAL 12 YEAR OLD GIRLS!

I heard rumors about people defacing some of the decorations and I saw some of them start to be taken off the doors.

Look, I'm the last one to like children or anything, but that's just freaking rude. I don't want to be associated with people who demand respect from others and then never give any back.

We are adults. I know it's hard to believe sometimes. But we really should act like it more often.

That's all I have to say and I don't want to know who actually did anything. I just don't want to see it happen ever again.
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Need The Info [04 Aug 2006|10:03am]

I'm finishing up my CRHAP photo page.

Who are these people??Collapse )

Also, is there a listing of all of movie/stage props that were on display, and who provided them?

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[03 Aug 2006|11:10pm]


I'm still recovering from the weekend, but I finally posted my pics from the Chicago RHPS convention:


The pics are a little haphazard, and there are very few performance pics. I mainly stuck to taking posed shots of folks in costume.

For those of you have been waiting for the costume contest prize pics, here you go:

CRHAP-63.jpg (75K)

CRHAP-64.jpg (69K)

CRHAP-65.jpg (27K)

CRHAP-66.jpg (29K)

Thanks again to everyone for making the Chicago con so much fun, I had a really great time hanging out with the cast of MM, plus numerous other people from around the country. Hope to see you all in Tucson!!
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UTTcon was a success in my book [03 Aug 2006|11:42pm]

I've had this entry open for two days and I still haven't quite had the ability to put into words everything about the con.

The con was fantastic! It was a lot of fun, and something I definitely want to do again.

Best part:
Meeting so many great people from other casts! You all rock!

Not screwing up too badly in Clue or Shocky.
Meeting Yasmin
Seeing Dead At The Box Office finally
Just being able to be myself
Kung Fu night. Not quite what I was expecting, but loads of fun.
Seeing the Eddie line. Hehe.

Worst part:
Forgetting my camera so much.
Not getting enough sleep

As for the last, I still haven't quite recovered. I fell asleep on the couch one night, and completely thrown off my sleep cycle. Add to that that I have tons to do at work AND I need to get shit done for GenCon in a week, and it looks like I won't get a decent night's sleep until the 14 or so. Bleah.

But thanks to everyone for making my first Rocky con a great one! Feel free to friend me.
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Good Times [03 Aug 2006|04:43pm]

[ mood | content ]

I just wanted to jump in here and say that I had a really great time at the con. Everyone involved with the planning did an excellent job and I will definitely come to your next one ;-).

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My First Rocky con ^-^ [03 Aug 2006|02:06pm]

[ mood | yay ^ ^ happy times! ]

Ello!! I dunno if neone remembers me lol but I was the blonde from Losbastardos. I had had had to say this > I had more fun than a barrel of naked horney College boys watching their Local Cheerleaders strip during a half time presentation at their biggest hometown game while tottaly wasted! in other words.. it was very aweosme times and I'm so glad I got to make it. It was tottaly worth slaving away at Pizza hut all summer for! It made my first trip to Chicago and My first Rocky con a tottal Blast! I loved our hotel room (you could fit like 4 people in the bathtub, no kidding!!! .....not like I tried or nething >.>).

I stayed up WAY to late every night (eeeee new rocky people! it made my heart smile!), I played duck duck goose with myself! Got to play with a fairy wand, I loved meeting Nurse Jenny and Officer Joy (you'da had to have been in the room at the time and or a Pokemon fan)I loved the Trixie Prize, I felt so speical *loves* and showed it to my mommy and daddy! Daddy was proud (as he always is) and mommy said it reminded her of how much she hates rocky (as is the tradition of my doing it every weekend LOL) and it reminded them how much they hate that I went to that convention of "Wierd Sexually explicit People" (eee I do so love wierd Sexually explicit people!). Go RHPS!! I met way more people than i can list off off the top of my head x.x

I had so much fun looking at everyone else's Costumes and presentations. I loved it that there were events going on the whole time. The theater for Both Rocky Showings was really big and pretty. Kung Fu nite was a blast! So was the big show ^ ^ I love watching other rocky shows from around the way cause there are so many elements I saw and call lines and things I heard that I had never heard or seen before. So that made it alot alot more fun in my opionion! No-Sir-ee-bob-de-doo I don't think i can personally say I have a single complaint. the con suite was great and helpful, all the cast's from everywhere were really aweosme and nice, the water was hott, and my feet didn't hurt after a weekend in heels!

Thanks So so much to everyone who put together/ran/organized CRHAP con! Toodles.

(ohhh yeeeah, Eris and JJ got pics, I sadly left my camera at home ;_; but ya'll will get to see the Bastard's Pics from Con very soon ^^!

- Katie

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costume contest prizes [03 Aug 2006|01:15am]

Now that they aren't top secret anymore, does anyone have any pictures of the handmade character-specific costume contest prizes that we awarded at the convention?
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